Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ayat Robin's Sweet 17th Party

Ayat Robin 
New Zealand International School 
Minggu, 18 November 2012 
Luv Bar, Citywalk 

MC : Jocelyn and Sammy 
PIC : Chen, Jovita and Indrawan 
Photographer : Felix and Wendra 
Usher : Silviany and Angel 

Personally written by the MCs.. We will remember this as one of the most unique event, ever. This very special client came along with the special blog review, as well, although English is still the biggest challenge of our lives :P. 

Honestly, we never heard of NZIS. It stands for New Zealand International School, located in Kemang, South Jakarta. New stuff is always attractive. And for the us, new audience is.

Ayat Robyn is already 16 by now. Luv Bar in Citywalk Sudirman is the witness of this superb opening. Fancy cars, fore riders, shouting friends from the lobby. Everyone must have thought, something big was happening. Well, apparently it was J.

Ayat entered Luv Bar with style; singing J-Lo on the bar (yeah, literally, on the bar) with street dancers around her. The audience was super crazy. They won’t skip a beat without dancing and shouting. Ayat was outstanding. The dinner was also notable and various. Let’s eat enough because this gonna be a long night.

The home dancers performed well and totally catchy on the costume. The games were all about being innovative dancers. The candle went well with various answers about Ayat. And this special occasion for Puti, her beloved sister, who is graduating real soon, was a balloon drop and confettis. Congrats, Puti.

So, what’s next? DISCOTIME!!

We never expected that the first beatful song would attract most of the girls got up on the bar and danced like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone was enjoying the music their own way. We sang dan danced together. One of Ayat’s friends sang a traditional song before the atmosphere paused a moment to see Ayat blew the official 16th candle on the mannequin cake. DJ, let’s continue to rock the night!!

We were absolutely delighted to have Ayat Robyn as our client. We were glad and hopeful that this event won’t be the last event with Ayat and friends!

Testimonials from Ayat Robin and friends :

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