Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medyana's Sweet 17th Party

SMAK Harapan Indah
Golden Leaf

MC: Sammy and Kenneth
PIC: Chen and Ferianto
DJ: Harlan
Photographer: Felix
Video: Bob

Just become a princess like no one ever imagine!
You have your own color, and you live as a unique individual.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mellyani Surya's Sweet 17th Party

Mellyani Surya
X.O. Suki MOI
Don Bosco 2

MC: Kenneth and Sammy
PIC: Iness and Jovita
DJ: Harlan
Photographer: Roberth
Usher: Kevin 

Everyone have rights to have a party!

Gabriella Kristasya's Sweet 17th Party

Gabriella Kristasya
Kristen Yusuf
Jun Njan Restaurant Pluit
MC: Jocelyn and Orville
PIC: Indrawan and Benny
DJ: Bella
Photographer: Jenny
Video: Surya

We don't need to drunk to get high.
Just enjoying our spring of youth is merely enough for us!

Vanessa Ryan's Sweet 17th Party

Vanessa Ryan
Mercure Alam Sutera
MC: Devin and Daniel
PIC:Josephina and Diedra
DJ: Felix VJT
Photographer: Felix and Benny
Usher: Yavi and Febriani

Can't you see how sweet she hug us :)

Testimonial from Vanessa:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gabby's Sweet 17th Party

Kristoforus 2
Metro Broadway PIK

MC: Obrey and Kenneth
PIC: Bella and Jovita
DJ: Perpi
Photographer: Felix

There's no one who can resist the craziness when you were young!

Testimonial from Gabby:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Robert Hung Turning One in JUNGLELAND!

Robert Hung
Aston Cengkareng

MC: Sammy
PIC: Ferianto and Jovita
Music Operator: Harlan
Photographer: Felix

Usher: Josephina

Turning one is like a bud that ready to bloom.
Be a flower that makes your family pride.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Helen Christa's Sweet 17th Party

Helen Christa
Hotel Borobudur

MC: Sammy and Kevin
PIC: Jeane and Eunike
DJ: Felix VJT
Photographer: Felix and Benny
Video: Bob
Usher: Lusiana

To celebrate means you are able to appreciate how wonderful your life.
Never miss any moment because there will be no second chance to celebrate it!

Testimonial from Helen:

Vania Melati's 15th Birthday Party

Vania Melati
Hotel Mulia

MC: Jocelyn and Kenneth
PIC: Benny and Jovita
DJ: Perpi
Photographer: William and Aeidy
Usher: Christopher, Brenda and Bella

A little girl is on her way to be grown up woman.