Friday, October 07, 2011

Prom Package - Memorial Package

Prom Night Memorial Package

Entertainment and Organizer

  • 2 MC from Groovy, including SPECIAL rundown,SPECIAL games, and SPECIAL concept!
  • 2 Person in Charge
  • 1 PRO DJ and equipment, including music arrangement and scoring. We’ll make the music raise your hand up in the air!


  • Solo Beatbox Performance
  • Disco Beatbox Performance

Documentation and Media

  • Unlimited digital photos by our professional photographer
  • 1 Projector, white screen, and multimedia person to operate it
  • 1 Standard Broadcast Video Recorder with full event shooting and additional lighting. Also the finishing and editing.

Photobooth Package

  • A 2x3 m photobooth and a photographer that ready to take your ACTION on the booth
  • 100 instant photos
  • Ornaments and accessorries to make your scene even funnier (borrowed)

Full stage, main gate, indoor and ceiling decoration based on YOUR OWN theme! Manhattan? New York? The World? Or even a land that never exist? It’s not a big deal!

Sound System

  • Active Speaker (5000 watt) with Mixer VOH and Inter M
  • 2 Sub woofers
  • 2 Wireless microphone

Band Equipment

  • Electric Guitar + Amplifier
  • Electric Bass + Amplifier
  • Electric Keyboard + Amplifier
  • Drum Set + Mic Drum
  • Speaker Monitor


  • 1 Laser
  • 1 Derby
  • 1 Strobo Blitz


  • 1 Smoke Gun
  • 2 Confetti Shots
  • 10 Award Nominations
  • Prom King and Queen Award

Only for Rp 18.000.000,- NETT

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