Monday, July 22, 2013

Juli's Sweet Seventeen Party

Juliana Stephanie
Dian Harapan
Jumat, 19 Juli 2013
Novotel Gajah Mada

MC : Kenneth and Devin
PIC : Chen and Iwan
Photographer : Bob and Felix
Usher : Jovita and Ferri

Been a drama queen for too long is too mainstream, we’ve got a real drama queen right here! Yeappp Juliana Stephanie, is one of the S.U.S.I actresses (Semua Unik Semua Istimewa) a local drama performance that been held in middle java a few weeks ago. We knew she was special, we can see it at the first glance at the hotel that day, she was so kind and easy talking to *wink and also her party is the exact date as her birthday date!

Although it’s a lil bit difficult for the MC following her up to discuss the rundown details but eventually her party was a blast. Wearing a gorgeous red flower-ed dress, Julie made all the audience who attended that night stunned like a 13 years old boy been kissed by his girlfriend *imagination she was so beautiful* As the party started, the beginning show is a unique dancing show that we imported far-far away from Uncle Sam country, yeah you know what it is. And the show followed by dinner with the special course from Novotel Hotel Gajah Mada made for Julie.

As same as all the teenager everywhere, we love to play games, and the games itself is about testing your song title knowledge, reaching from old songs to the new songs, we gonna find 3 person out of 7 to play the extra close lip games.

Continuing is the candle procession, what else could be better on birthday than eight pairs of your best friends giving their testimony and suggestion for you in the honest way, nothings better than having sweet seventeenth with Groovy. *promotion making a simple short aisle escorting Julie to her birthday cake. Accompanied by her mother and sister too, she made wishes and blown the candle in the pretty way, slice the cake, and spooning her family as they were the closest people ever.

In a nutshell??? Or in short, we completely enjoyed that night, all of the friends from Dian Harapan and family were so kind and active, best audience ever guys, we’ll having a discotime again, soon, and for sure. Thankyou for having us in your birthday party Julie, we love yaaa J

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