Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paket Prom - Hadiah Kompetisi Video

Full Theme Decoration (Stage + Gate + Ceiling)
Implementing your very imagination into something real, as long as they can be made of (mostly) styrofoam and other certain materials*. Discuss it with us and we will sketch it for you in the first place. (Approximate stage width 6-8m, height 2.5-3m).

2 (Two) Professional Masters of Ceremony (MC), collaborating with
2 (Two) Persons in Charge (PIC)
Exclusively hired and trained only in GROOVY, the MC & PIC will make sure the Prom rundown goes smoothly and perfectly. Generally, the PIC will take care of all preparations; games, multimedia, time keeping, light setting, performance coordination, etc.  Prom Night concept and games will be very much different from common birthday parties or gatherings. Discuss it with us!

1 (One) Exclusive Disc Jockey (DJ) + Full Equipment
The DJ is highly responsible to score and build up the Prom atmosphere with his music throughout the whole rundown, including Polonaise and DiscoTime. Professionally well-equipped with the most recent technology and very updated songs of all genres*.

1 (One) Professional Photographer + DVD Master
It is absolutely important to catch every moment of your very precious night. The photographer is literally integrated in the rundown and will be your ‘personal bodyguard’ all night long, capturing people and other stuffs from various angles.

Advanced Sound System Set (up to 4000 watt)
Without an adequate sound system support, any kind of event will be quite worthless. We will make sure every single one of the you can enjoy the Prom without any technical hearing problem. Different venue, different specification, same high quality sound system standard, complete details.

Lighting Set (Triple Derby, Strobo Blitz, Laser), with
Smoke Effect
This particular set can’t be skipped, especially with disco-able audience. Integrated with the DJ and sound system, lighting set (and the smoke effect, of course) will effectively enliven the ambiance and atmosphere.

InFocus + Screen Projector Set, with
Exclusive Video Trailers
The significance of this element in Prom Night is very much higher. You need to show those various memories and this will be the most important yet integrated part of the event. Next special priviledge, are the exclusive video trailers, based on your theme, very exclusively created and designed by our artist. We also provide funny clips / short movies / small quizzes to entertain the audience while waiting.  

1 (One) Usher
Let us help you! This guys/girls will represent your first greeting and smile on D-Day. Standby behind the front desk, they will help as much as they can in the process.   

Prom King & Queen Awards (Bonus : 5 Couple Awards)
This might be the most valuable and memorable award throughout your teenage life. We won’t miss it!

2 (Two) Confetti
When it explodes, certain feelings appear. It’s like a re-confirmation of what’s been happening. Suitable for both melancholic and party-rocking moment.

2 (Two) Sprayers
Discotime will never be better without these little fellas^^. Producing instant snow effects, we will ‘frostburn’ the dancefloor right away!

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