Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Vira Luciana's Sweet 17th Party

Vira Luciana
Bakti Prima
Sabtu, 02 November 2013
Lembur Kuring
MC : Devin and Sammy
PIC : Indrawan and Feri
Photographer :Felix
Usher :Diedra

Beautiful girl all over the world , Vira tampil sangat manis dengan mini dress biru dan heels biru menemani, so cute, you look like princess tonight !

Family is the one that never left you behind and always support you wherever you are, family is end with ily, I Love You :)

Close your eyes and pray, hope that every wishes you wish comes true, dream big and chase it girl ! You can do it.

Lihat kegilaaan dan kegokilan temen-temen Vira, total abiss ! Asal jangan jadi hobi yah :p

Put your hands up in the air ! Put your hands up in the air cause we gonna party all night long !

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