Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Natasia's Sweet 17 Party

Kalam Kudus
Sabtu, 16 November 2013
XO Suki Tomang

MC : Devin and Sammy
PIC : Benny and Diedra
Photographer :Jenny
Usher :Bella

You look so beautiful in white ! Natasia bak malaikat yang turun dari kahyangan nihh (gombal) White really suits her ! But wait for the surprise later ;)

Biasa di sekolah pake sepatu sekolah ! This time, she rock the stage with glittery heels, she looks stunning ;)

A hug from best friend is never enough, but wait, isnt it red dress ? Yep, Natasia merubah bajunya menjadi hot red, wow, every colors looks good on you Natasia !

Blow the candle baby cause this night ain't gonna happen twice, pray your wishes and make them happen right now ! Cause this night you are 17 girl !

We crazy we wild, but wait.....senam ya iya lah ? sure sounds fun ! You guys made the night so unforgettable *tons of hugs*

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