Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Airin Naifalia's Sweet 17th Party

Airin Naifalia
SMAN 54 
Sabtu, 23 November 2013
Albero Live Music Island, Tebet

MC : Jocelyn and Obrey
PIC : Josephina and Silviany
Photographer : Benny Hendra
Boothgrapher : Aeidy
Usher : Diedra and Daphne

Our shy girl but love to take picture is here, with her beautiful red dress, she turn to be a "girl" in one night, psst she is very tomboy girl who likes to watch soccer with his dad and cousin. 

Priceless moment is where you can see your friends look like this :p, enjoying ? lol

The time tunnel is here,  beloved bestfriend are here with Airin, to guide her, support her, advice her, be with her, make her laugh, chill with her, everytime everywhere, always :)

 Ini dia, hadiah super buat anak satu satunya, lihat aja muka bahagia Airin dan muka bahagia keluarganya saat ngeliat Airin bahagia, that's when you can tell that they loved each other so much.

Wah wah wahh, lihat pose gokil sok seksi mereka, super banget !! Entah tim make up nya yang jago...atau memang...bakat ? Nahloh ?! Its just a game in wonderful Airin's Party, hope we meet again SMAN 54 !!

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