Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Package for Non Saturday Party!

Hi Groovynizers! Kini Groovy hadir kembali dengan special package buat kamu yang berpesta selain hari Sabtu. Tentunya special package akan tetap membuat pesta kamu seru seperti pesta-pesta lainnya bersama Groovy! Klik untuk memperbesar special package :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

CICILAN 0% with BCA Credit Cards

Becoming Princess of the Night is a every girl's dream, no matter who you are. She will have her own statement, taste, and aura. GROOVY believes every girl is truly a princess, yet sometimes they don't know how to summon and express it. In this very opportunity, GROOVY offers you a wonderfully exciting way to show your beauty radiance of your inner princess..

Cicilan 0% with BCA Credit Cards (up to 3x) is now available for Queen+ and King Package, or total purchase above IDR 15 Millions! For further information of this service, you could contact:

Jovita - 0857 4132 7574
Michael Chen - 0812 90 7777 61

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bianca Timothie's Sweet 17th Party

Bianca Timothie
Tiara Kasih
Agathon Function Centre
MC: Kenneth and Sammy
PIC: Feri and Jovita
DJ: Harlan
Photographer: Bob
Videoman: Surya
Usher: Febriani

Testimonial from Bianca: